Dementia Support Partners is managed by Dementia Therapy Specialists LLC, which was founded by Dr. Daniel Nightingale and Kathleen Nightingale. “Dr. Dan” and Kathleen wanted to bring together both the professionals in the dementia industry for networking, and also to connect with and provide useful information to the general public on how to “live well” with dementia.

“Dr. Dan” is CEO of Dementia Therapy Specialists US & Dementia Doctor UK. He is a clinical dementia specialist and general psychotherapist. Known for being at the forefront of the National Dementia Strategy in England, Dr. Dan was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from Stirling University in Scotland; the top dementia development center in the world.

He also led the groundbreaking research in the use of hypnotherapy for people living with dementia, used Montessori therapy in his research of enhancing the dining experience, and developed MARTIS (Music And Reminiscence Therapy Incorporating Storytelling.)

His program “My Dreams of Being™” has been developed for both family and professional caregivers, as well as dental services, and provides the information and tools they need to provide TRUE person centered care.

Dr. Dan offers therapy virtually, facilitates workshops and speaks on cutting edge therapies that improve the quality of life for people living with dementia. Learn more at: DementiaTherapySpecialists.com 

Kathleen Nightingale experienced caregiver stress and the difficulties of caring for someone living with dementia, as she had family members that lived with the disease. She has spoken about ways of preventing caregiver burnout at conferences and through private sessions and retreats where she incorporates horse therapy.

Kathleen is an intuitive live coach, clinical hypnotherapist and an award-winning author. She has a knack for helping people discover clarity on their direction and to get “unstuck” so they can live a life of abundance that works on every level. KathleenNightingale.com

The Nightingales live on their farm in Western New York with their three goats, two cats, three dogs, a rooster named Bruno and four and a third horses.